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Guess who is still not finished with that picture SOB

I’m missing all golden detail, I’m gonna flip a table GDI

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Cherry Blossoms at Nakameguro, Tokyo - 目黒川の桜

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Flowers choochoo motherfucker queue is coming


Hinata catches Nanami using cheat codes

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Dangan Ronpa Dangan Ronpa 2 Hinanami LMAO choochoo motherfucker queue is coming


I’m not even drunk.

Wen Yang’s epic adventures!

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Dynasty Warriors Wen Yang Precious baby FUCK I'M DYING

Why do I even bother? A ha ha Sigh

I am actually questioning if this is even a remotely good idea. Sigh.

Speaking of Atelier Eschatology, I just bought the art book and for some damn reason, FedEx super fast shipping was the cheapest out of even EMS and Air Small Packet LMAO





when you can’t draw anything but eyes





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FUCK choochoo motherfucker queue is coming


Atelier Shallie’s got them swimsuits DLC

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Atelier series Atelier Shallie I'm surprised even NPCs as Linca get the swimsuits Also the new battle sceen looks so different I don't know how to feel I think they simplified Supporting?

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Samurai Warriors Remy called him a nerd excuse you Actually he is a fucking nerd LMAO