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One day I’ll be able to draw a hot Yukimura, but today is not the day.

I tried.

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Small preview of one thing I’m working on.


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did you try searching Naked Yukimura

I didn’t until now and there’s a HUGE amount of that Haganai Yukimura character, unsurprisingly….

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I tried googling references for the naked bust of Yukimura… That wasn’t my smartest idea….

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Anonymous Whispered:
Just go all out on the "Dear Nobuyuki on top of Yukimura question", it can be "GET OFF FROM HIM NOBUYUKI!" No need to be romantic, just want to see your answer/reaction..

Dear Nobuyuki on top of Yukimura

OK, a more serious answer would be “Dear Nobuyuki on top of Yukimura, for the last time, little Yukimura brushed his teeth, flossed them, and has promised to not escape of the castle for the 10th time (not that he won’t try) so you don’t have to watch him like an over-protective hawk big-brother. Go to your room and sleep :U”

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But that’s two ideas and one is not safe for minors sob

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is this what u think when u see romantic yukimura/nobuyuki?

Yes, this is it. Optional tears of blood and fire on the background but YES SOB

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I finally finished a picture after 23132321 years of not making a finished product.

so um…yeah

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Remy's Art So pretty <3


i was so busy appreciating junpei’s huge as fuck balls to just run in and take on the reaper alone that i totally forgot about the fact that i should use that time to get the fuck out

mistakes were made

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Persona Persona 3 P3 FUCK choochoo motherfucker queue is coming

I want to draw a naked bust of Yukimura cuz or very stupid OTP including all 4 versions of Yukimoe SOB

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