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I feel that I’ve been neglecting my Tumblr a little since I can do short dumb blogging on Twitter in a faster and more effective way and I’ve been trying to write more? I feel a bit sad, actually haha.

Though my tweeting is mostly crying over writing issues, so I don’t think anyone’s missing anything important.

Also, I think I should play soon Atelier Eschatology for that Platinum. Seems about time.

Kenchinchin/ShingenPapa OTP5EVER


Remember the time I looked for R18 that was very ha ha ha sob



this is possibly one of the most unfortunate subtitling jobs ive ever seen

yes perfect

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This scene somehow became “I don’t know if she’s flirting or not, I don’t think she knows either”.





holy shit. 

this is on a whole new level of patience

This is natural art.

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Landscapes WOAH choochoo motherfucker queue is coming

professor-tammi ha respondido a tu publicación “professor-tammi ha respondido a tu publicación:professor-tammi ha…”

Ohh, genes! Those are rather different, ahaha. But yeah, they’re going to be very expensive. You can ask people in the item for sales board for dominance discounts (10% off, though most people tip a bit) for genes, though, if that helps :D

I saw some and I cried. I think I’m better getting dragons and slowly working from there. :’D

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Anonymous Whispered:
The yellow bird you posted from Japanese's Landscapes looks like Chica.

But Chica is a duck or chicken?


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Cats choochoo motherfucker queue is coming

Also, I finally made a NSFW Twitter account but it has the majestic amount of ZERO pictures. If anyone still would like to follow it, send a request.

I will also follow back in case someone for some reason wants to reply or something. Account’s private, that’s why.

For my main one.

Out of curiosity, what sort of skins would you want? :D

My bad, I meant Genes :D but I suppose skins work, anything that is colorful and wavy or someting :’D I have predictable tastes Sobb

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